From the Pen of CIO
Keyur Mehta (Chairman & CIO, Mehta Fincon Services Ltd.)

“Every employee’s family member expects them to work in a healthy, secured & progressive working environment. Where a daughter, a son, a husband or a wife is expected to work in a growing work culture where he or she gets successful future along with job security and secured environment.

We, at Mehta Group believe in providing healthy, secured, positive and successful working environment to our team. The roots of our work culture signifies Ethics & Transparency. We try to give such opportunities and exposure to our team that they can meet anything that they want to achieve.

When it comes to “Group of Persons” every person holds different personalities and qualities. All of us have number of positives and negatives, but your negatives should never encrust your positives. We follow the same principle when it comes to our team. We look for all the best qualities of MFIANs, ignoring their minor negatives and giving them a sky full of opportunities to fly with their versatility.

Talking about sales at our company, I believe that no RM should ever feel pressurized in terms of achieving sales targets. For them, the sales Manual is designed in such a way that they feel their targets though challenging but achievable. To grow your company, ethical sales is very important. Hence, we train all RMs not to do any kind of Mis-selling on the contrary avoiding the habit of telling lies.

I thank the whole team of Mehta Group for the hard work and effort they have contributed towards company. Your effort has been appreciated and has resulted in laurels and best rewards for us in the industry.”

The only advice i would like to give here is:

“Don’t let anyone’s ignorance and negativity stop you from being the best person you can be! You have immense capabilities and you can do anything and everything that you want.

From the Pen of CEO
Krunal Mehta (MD & CEO, Mehta Fincon Services Ltd.)

“We always wish to make our work space a beautiful place having comfort and leisure. Some people say that your office is your home away from home. I say, My office is My second home !!

We spend most of our time in the office as compared to that with our family & friends. Hence, Our office actually turns out to be our home. Thus, we at Mehta Fincon strongly believes to give our team a lively
working environment.

Work Culture has been a growing topic over the last few years. Where a great culture and a great workplace doesn’t happen by accident. We work hard everyday to strengthen and evolve our culture to ensure our company continues to be a place where employees are empowered to be their authentic selves and to do the best work of their careers. Creating a great culture is a never-ending journey, not a destination — but continuing to earn recognitions where we realise that we are on the right path!

We consider our team as our extended family thus we make sure to provide them best benefits. This concept of “UR SECOND HOME” will bring more Integrity, Dedication, Proud and Morality amongst the MFIANs. Which will ultimately contribute towards the collective goal of making our company – Great Place To Work, where everyone will lead by our example.”

“MFIAN” – A word that defines “Team Mehta Fincon” who can survive in both easy as well as difficult situations. It is a very special word that defines quality of our team and hence we don’t call them employees we call them MFIANs.

From the Pen of CEO
Kinjal Mehta (Director & COO, Mehta Fincon Services Ltd.)

In our day to day life it is very essential for us to maintain both personal as well as professional lives because both are inter-dependent. Hence we at Mehta Fincon make sure to enrich the Goals of each MFIAN that helps them achieve their dreams easily. We want them to have the best lifestyle with their family. Thus, to give them best
workplace is our primary motive.

Maintaining a great culture at work is very important to us because our amazing team is our greatest competitive advantage. They drive the creation of our success and are trusted workforce help our clients reach us easily. Each and every MFIAN is the face of Mehta Fincon representing the company in some or the department. From Sales to Admin, they are the reason we have been able to make such a wonderful impact on our industry and in our




Few variants that make us unique are as follow:

1. Ethical Working System
2. Transparent Policies
3. Obtainable Organisational Structure
4. Finest Appraisal System
5. Team as Our Extended Family and many more factors

This book of “UR SECOND HOME” will take you to the exciting and breathtaking benefits, policies and systems made in the interest of MFIANs where it clearly describes our company as whole. It is indeed our platform to showcase the reasons of “Why Mehta Fincon is Your Second Home?”

“To Love the work that we do each day, it is important for us to Love our Workplace first .”


“Life should not only be lived, It should be celebrated..!! ”

We spend more time working than doing any other single thing. Our Job place is very essential place for us, hence we should always keep the celebrations ON. Here at Mehta Fincon, we believe in celebrating each and every moment of our work.

With team we celebrate almost all the festivals be it any occasion; From Individual Achievements, to Team achievements to Festivals; celebration comes to us in our roots. All the celebrations and festivals becomes core part of “MFIANs Engagement Activities”. Where we strongly believe that:

Yearly Picnic Corporate Social Responsibility Movie Day
Yoga day Independence Day Foundation Day
Diwali Sports Day Women’s Day
MFIANs Year completion MFIANs Birthday & Anniversary Happy Hours – Friday Fun


Rewards & Recognition

“People surely work for Money, but go the extra mile for Rewards, Recognition and Appreciation”


We are so often caught up in our Destination that we forget to appreciate the Journey, especially the goodness of the people we meet on the way.

Wherever Mehta Fincon has reached, it’s all because of the wonderful team work. Hence we don’t leave a single stone untouched when it comes to appreciating our employee’s talent, work and his/ her contribution to the company. Appreciation is a wonderful feeling, and we don’t overlook it!

Apart from day to day mail & open appreciations, 3 major appreciation programs are carried:

Yearly Award Ceremony

At the end of the year, an Annual Day is organized for the team out of Surat at some great destination where the Yearly Award Night is carried and the most deserving person is been awarded in the respective category. We believe in honesty with no biases hence a transparent Performance System is made for both Sales and Admin team. All results are generated from there. This Trip stands hot-favourite amongst MFIANs because of two reasons :

1. A destination fun with long drive and friends.
2. An Award for which people wait entire year.



Monthly & Quarterly Performance Management System (PMS)

Where Best performer in Sales & Admin is rewarded Monthly & Quarterly along with various other categories like Best Groomed Personality, Best Monthly Review Presenter, Most Socially Active, etc. Special Buddy Appreciation program is also carried where colleagues appreciate each other’s efforts & contributions. PMS is the most cherished program amongst MFIANs.



Contests for Admin & Sales

A healthy competition in team always helps to boost the team spirit. When healthy competition prevails, you come out to play & you play to win. Hence we organize different inter-team & inter-department contests on monthly & quarterly basis to lift the productivity and work performance of MFIANs.

We Care For You

“It’s our Moral, Social & Economic responsibility to Safeguard & Promote the health & well being of our employees”


1. Health & Personal Accident Insurance

We provide best of best Health Insurance and Personal accident policy to entire team.

Health insurance Benefits(With Spouse & Children):- Floater Policy of Rs. 2 Lakhs where Pre existing diseases are covered, Maternity benefit upto Rs. 50,000/-, No waiting period, etc…
Personal Accident Policy Benefits:- Almost 10 times of their Yearly CTC. In case of injury, be rest assured about your salary, Your Insurance company will pay to you.

In addition to this We have a basic medical first aid kit for the team that includes various general medicines that are required for basic medical assistance.

2. Maternity & Paternity Benefits: Conceiving is a very important part of every individual’s life, hence it should not stop any of the parent from pursuing their professional goals. We at Mehta Fincon believe in retaining our Employees even in their difficult yet beautiful part of their life while they are pregnant or after the baby is born. Hence our employees can avail maternity / paternity leave as per the HR module of the company.

3. Women friendly atmosphere: We have Female staff in maximum number at our office, where Women friendly environment is very essential. Women are respected and valued as an individual personality breaking all gender stereotype believes. We focus on futuristic and ambitious personnel. Our corporate atmosphere is genuinely gender inclusive. We have Women’s in our core management as well as at other levels of management, which makes it much easier for the team to work at their comfort level and empathies the situation of a working women.

5. Work from home: Sometimes it is not possible for everyone to reach out everywhere and perform in all areas of life, the same goes with our employees. Hence, we have made a “WORK FROM HOME” facility for them so that they can balance their personal as well professional life in emergencies & diverse circumstances.

6. Cab Facility: As we said earlier MFIANs are our most valued asset, we want to provide them all comforts and luxuries at best. During heavy rains, sickness or vehicle problems they need not be worried as they can comfortably come to office in Cab using the OLA Corporate Account.

7. Various Refreshments: Refreshment plays a vital role in our life. Tea/coffee boosts up our energy and give our Brain a power up for the day. We provide various refreshments (Café Coffee Day) to our team during the day mainly Tea, Coffee, Soups, Green tea, Lemon Tea, Lemonade & Hot chocolate. Biscuits are also available. Additionally a Microwave & Refrigerator is also available which they can use as per there need.

Training & Development

“Develop a Passion of Learning, If you do, you will never cease to Grow…”


Aristotle have rightly said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act but a habit.” Learning every day some or the other thing is very essential for all of us because learning keeps us going in this competitive world; where Training is the essence of transformation. Hence we have developed various programs for internal team training and learning, which are as follows:

1. Learning Day – #ThankGodIt’sMonday

With a goal in life and plan in mind to achieve that goal, Monday’s are always inspiring and never heavy to come to office. Hence to make Mondays more happening we have made the concept of “Learning Day” where team mates internally share their knowledge on different topics on Alternate Mondays. With this they see things differently with everyone’s viewpoint. Which ultimately make them feel “Thank God It’s Monday”

2. MFIANs Knowledge Club: #MFIANsKnowledgeClub

We should never stop learning. And Learning will be incomplete without Reading. Hence we have made an In house library for the team as well as our clients where more than 100 books are available. You can pick any book of your choice. Not only physical books but we have also provide some online portals like Kindle, Audible, Magzter, etc… for team to do reading as per their convenience. (Mention categories)

3. MFIAN Quiz Contest: #MFIANsQuizContest 

Knowledge gets more enhanced when given a platform. We conduct quarterly quiz amongst team members where different areas of knowledge are converted into interesting questions and presented to them in the form of MCQs. This helps team in exchanging their knowledge as well as bonding between team strengthen up.

The final round of MFIANs Quiz is conducted at the end of year in Annual Trip.

4. Learning Modules

A Module specifically designed to overcome the Challenges in your Skills, Departmental Role & Competencies.

KRA / KPI based subjects, Departmental Subjects, Competencies Subjects, Code of conduct assessments, Practical Exams


“It’s not what you Achieve, it’s what you Overcome That defines your career…”


1. The unique Identity – “MFIANs”

Our company is unique and so are our Team. Hence in order to make them stand unique & different amongst others a special name is given to the team members, i.e MFIAN that means a person who can survive in any given situation under any circumstances. MFIANs are ones who can reach the sky to achieve their goals. MFIANs are the roots of Mehta Fincon.

2. Employee Stock Ownership Plan [ESOP]

ESOP is a Qualified & defined-contribution for employee in his benefit by the company. By offering ESOPs to team, company officially makes them the partial owner. Stock ownership plans provide packages that act as additional benefits for employees in order to prevent hostility and keep a specific corporate culture that company managements want to maintain. All big corporates offer ESOPs to their team and It is a matter of proud for us that even being a small corporate we have this benefit for our MFIANs.

3. Mehta Fincon Global Investor Conference [MFGIC]

MFGIC is our Flagship event. This event is basically been organized for the investors but the faces behind the event is our team. MFIANs come at the root of this event who organize, manage and conduct entire event. They get world class exposure in one single event where they get to meet various HNIs including high profile professionals, top businessmen, top leaders of Finance Industry, eminent speakers covering whole event on the National Business TV Channel.

4. Time Flexibility 

Flexible hours schedule that allows workers to alter workday start and finish times. In contrast to traditional work arrangements that require employees to work a standard 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.  with no late comings or early goings. And B’day early leave at 4:00 pm.


5. IT Driven Organization

We, been living in the era of “Digitalization” believe that we should make proper and extended use of Technology. Hence for every function an appropriate software is made so that work can be done easily, minimizing the errors ratio. Moreover, MFIANs Mobile App is been launched to make the work simpler for team where they can track their CRM as well as record all their tasks, performance ratio, leaves, events, activities, etc…

6. Transparent & Ethical Work Environment

At Mehta Group, the environment and work culture is created in such a manner that no one feels biased. All the systems are ethical and highly transparent.

To give equal exposure to all employees, following systems are made

1. KRA & KPI af all – starting from office boy to CEO & CIO of the company.
2. Transparent Organizational Structure & Promotional Policy
3. Ultimate Variable Performance System

Encouraging employees to give their best where anyone can achieve whatever they expect just by performing their given roles upto the mark.

7. UDAAN Leaders of Tomorrow

At Mehta Fincon we believe in turning all the heads as the “Leaders of Tomorrow” where everybody in the company has the opportunity to grow along with and that they are having meaningful impact to the good of the Society. For this purpose special modules and programs are designed to give training to the team to become a leader.

Being a Surat based Company, We provide great exposure to the employees to reach the Top hierarchy within the same Company earning the best revenues.


8. Goal Planning – Smart Saving Programs

Setting Goals for yourself is the first step of turning your Dreams into Reality. Hence we at Mehta Fincon give high importance to our Team’s Goal Planning as we look forward to their growth. We have made “GOAL PLANNING” concept as a priority for each MFIAN. It is always said, “Set your Goals high & Don’t stop till you get there” This ultimately help them to prioritise their tasks and increase their productivity giving them high level of Job Satisfaction.

9. Future Benefits

To provide loans to team like Motor Loan, Consumer durable Loans, Personal Loans etc.

To provide healthy lunch meal to entire staff.

To provide extra benefits for those MFIANs who are with the company for more than 5 years.

5 working days in a week i.e. Monday to Friday.

More growth opportunities for employees as company plans to go PAN India in next 2 years.